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"Must read" books about dyslexia, ADHD and autism

Genetic proof comorbidity between dyslexia, adhd and autism

In 2011 a scientific thesis is published called:
Genes and protein networks for neurodevelopmental disorders.
written by Geert Poelmans.

Worth reading about the now proven genetic relation between these three "brothers and sisters".
Pag. 288 "...corroborate the notion of a common (genetic) etiology of these disorders." and then, more explicite (288/289) "...as far as there is any prove of ... apparent disorder related specificity ... considerable differences in the amount and 'robustness' of the available genetic evidence .....for each disorder...."

So, there is a lot and strong evidence of a higher scientific level for the fact that all three develop from one and the same cluster of genes.
Next to that, there is lesser evidence for genes that only influence one specific disorder.

Further good news is at pag.286 "data pointing towards these AKAPs as possible novel 'druggable targets' for ASDs", which creates hope for autistic people who may expect some drugs to help them.

 Here you find a summary of this thesis

full text

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